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Davidson and Thomas Art Furniture Heirlooms is a Kitchener-based shop that focuses on heirloom-quality wood furniture, architectural millwork, and lumber brokerage.  The smaller scale operation allows the focus of the work to be on quality and creativity, with thorough attention and expertise applied throughout.

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Davidson and Thomas is a partnership between Ryan Davidson and Jaime Thomas.  Ryan brings over 20 years of experience in the millwork and woodworking industry.  In 2009, he scaled back to working in a one man furniture studio that allowed for greater focus on creativity and quality.  In 2017, Jaime Thomas joined as an apprentice after having studied fine woodworking at Rosewood Studio.  The two share an appreciation for all types of domestic wood, and share a sense of pride in the quality of the work.


Davidson and Thomas's furniture is constructed with traditional joinery techniques from locally-sourced domestic woods.  Each piece is handcrafted with unique designs to create functional and beautiful heirloom-quality pieces.  They strive to work efficiently and be as prolific as possible - quality furniture is something everyone should be able to enjoy.
Traditional wooden doors and sash windows are both beautiful and an exercise in craftsmanship.  Davidson and Thomas are always excited for the opportunity to provide millwork for heritage projects, and to apply the traditional principles to engineering modern designs.
Davidson and Thomas believe in the beauty and utility of all varieties of domestic lumber, regardless of traditional commercial concerns or trends.  As such, they can source and supply uncommon and fascinating woods in live edge or standard roughsawn formats.  Check in with the social media feeds to see the recent finds!

Do you have a question or a project you would like to discuss?  We'd love to hear from you.

1010 Rivers Edge Drive, Katherine Street entrance

West Montrose, Ontario, Canada

 N0B 2V0

T. 519-591-7519 



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